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How do you keep your dog's teeth free from plaque and tar tar?

My teen dog had to have a cyst removed. The vet was amazed at how clean her teeth were. He said they normally do teeth cleaning while the dogs are under, but that hers were absolutely clean. This summer I had a 7 year old spayed, and he said the same about her..

I have always struggled with dental care on my several dogs, some trying to stay ready for showing..but their teeth are sparkling clean since I switched to Canidae dry food 3 years ago. .they have never been in better over-all good health. My 11 year old actually dances as we walk..She can still outrun my 3 year olds! (sight hounds)

How do you keep your dog%26#039;s teeth free from plaque and tar tar?
There are milk bones, and dog treats that you can get at places like petsmart or petco that can help with this. You can also get a local vet to provide some suggestions, but I use dog treats.
Reply:Dental chews, hard kibble, and brushing their teeth. If the plaque build-up is real bad (some dogs are worse than others for this), an annual (or even semi-annual) teeth scaling by the vet would be a good idea.

But just go to a pet store and look for pet toothpaste and a brush. And Nylabone makes some plastic chew toys that have nubs on them designed to clean dogs%26#039; teeth.
Reply:You can buy a doggy toothbrush, it should come with beef flavored tooth paste. But keep in mind you should NEVER use human toothpaste on a dog, as it is unsafe.

You can also buy dental bones in mind flavor to help with your problem as well.
Reply:They have special tooth brushes for pets my grandmother has one and she brushes her dogs teeth like daily to keep plaque off.
Reply:I%26#039;ve heard that they need to have bones and things to chew on to keep there gums and teeth clean .

Also you can brush their teeth --- not kidding . There%26#039;s a special finger brush that you stick on your finger and brush away. Not so sure about toothpaste- the fluoride might be bad for them
Reply:There are a few ways. Some people do them all, some people do none, but most people do at least one.

-Feed him/her dry food. This helps to clean their teeth, and also doesn%26#039;t contribute to tartar as much as wet food.

-Rawhide and bones helps to clean teeth as well. The also sell special chews/bones just for the purpose of teeth cleaning.

-Brush often or occasionally. They sell special toothpaste for pets.

-Have them cleaned professionally by a vet or groomer.
Reply:There are treats that help. You can also get a pet tooth brush and toothpaste, and, try to brush his or her teeth.
Reply:I%26#039;ve always given my dogs raw beef bones and that%26#039;s kept their teeth good and clean.
Reply:Brush every other day in you can, for larger dogs you can use a child%26#039;s toothbrush, in some dogs there lips gum create soirt of pocket on the outside of their teeth and the back of the mouth where food getting trapped so removing the pocket of food with the tooth brush helps

Most dogs swallow kibble whole so dry kibble will not help to maintain teeth

Genetics also plays a role, some dogs have have dense teeth with a thick smooth layer to cover the teeth, and others will have very porous teeth that under a microscope looks like a sponge food and bacteria with cause the tooth pore tofill up with tarter and that create a rough surface that allows tarter to bind very easily on the tooth surface so even with regular brushing you may still have to take the dog for yearly cleaning,

In certain breeds like greyhounds and shihtzu they have a high likelihood of having genetically bad teeth.

I had one greyhound who was 9 never had a dental and very little brushing and yet she had no tartar when she passed away, my other I was brushing constantly and still had to send him for cleanings every 9 months and even did gum grafts since he was having so much gum recession, and had sealant applies to try and reduce the frequency of vet visit s for cleaning with no luck, and he was eating Canidae at the time too
Reply:You get food and biscuits meant to keep tartar build-up to a minimum.

If need be have them cleaned by a vet

Invest in a doggy tooth brush from your petshop, and along with toothpaste for pets, it%26#039;s dental care made easy.

Remembr it only builds up on the outside, for some reason, not the inside.
Reply:good food and good oral care of care!

try to buy food that is tar tar and plague free for your dog. also there is a solution that you can add to your dog drinking water that can promote good oral care, available in pet stores.

and most importantly, try to brush the doggie teeth like minium 2 times per week and clean their mouth using wet wipes after each meals. also, regular dental check up for your mate. you dont want them sick, do you? =)
Reply:Simple answer.....raw bones. Nothing can replace using raw bones in a dogs diet. Check with the butcher at your local grocery store and ask for some raw beef bones.
Reply:Give him good milk bones to chew and that will help.....keep his teeth clean. Also, I use a regular tooth brush on her and regular paste...She loves it....I do this once a week. Making sure I also brush her tongue.
Reply:First, if your dog already has plaque and tarter than you need to have the teeth profesionally cleaned at the vet%26#039;s office. they do make milk bones and other sorts of treats, but the best way is to have them cleaned and then to, believe it or not, brush them like you brush yours. they make special brushes and toothpaste that tastes like liver and all that so dogs like it. the treats do good, just not as good as the brushing.
Reply:dog bones
Reply:You can buy toothpaste at the pet store for your dog, and they have different flavors like peanut butter.
Reply:Brushing your dogs teeth regularly (with dog toothpaste, not humans), dental chews, dry dog food, ect....These are all excellent ways to keep your dogs teeth nice and healthy. You should also have them checked out by your vet every so often to make sure he has no underlying gum ot teeth problems.
Reply:just brush her/him teeth regularly, dogs are prone also to cavities, tartar, or plaque
Reply:brush them
Reply:One way is to give them dog biscuits. They are a treat for them and good for their teeth.
Reply:By giving it the dog teeth treatment, its available at Wal-Mart in the pet section!!
Reply:brushing the teeth and dog biscuits.
Reply:I started brushing my dog%26#039;s teeth as part of her grooming. If you begin it young they should be ok with it.

Also milk biscuit/bones.

I think also good chew toys like Pig ears and those chews are good for teeth also.

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