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Is it ever a bad idea to get a dog's teeth pulled? My dog has bad decay on his back teeth, vet says pull.?

My dog is 12 years old and otherwise fairly healthy. He licks obsessively, though, and I wonder if it%26#039;s because his mouth is uncomfortable.

Is it ever a bad idea to get a dog%26#039;s teeth pulled? My dog has bad decay on his back teeth, vet says pull.?
If the dog is in pain, it is just like a human. If you had a bad tooth, would you get it pulled if you couldn%26#039;t save it. Bad teeth can get in their blood stream and do a lot of damage. I got a 13 year old terrior out of the pound (not knowing it was 13) to give it a couple good years of life before he passed and took him in to our vet to get his teeth cleaned. We%26#039;ll we had to have them all pulled out , they were terrible. This dog started acting like a pup and ran and played and lasted another 5 years, The Vet said if we wouldn%26#039;t have done that he would have passed away within a year . His teeth hurt him so bad and we didn%26#039;t know because he didn%26#039;t show it. If I had to do it again, I would in a heartbeat. good luck
Reply:There are all sorts of dental products sold at your local pet store that you could buy and try to clean his teeth. However, I would honestly take him to the vet and get them to check him out. If he has a bad tooth and has to have it removed, it%26#039;s not a bad thing. Think about it, humans have teeth removed all the time when they go bad. My dog has had her teeth even cleaned before. I think they will put them to sleep even to clean their teeth though, but if your dog is infact in pain because of his teeth, I would get it seen about. Would you not go to the dentist if you had a decayed tooth or a toothache? Pets should be treated the same since we are their caregiver. Good luck with your dog!
Reply:If they are bad have them pulled by your vet,It can cause a severe mouth infection that can lead to death. they also say that a dog can live longer if he has healthy teeth. I recently lost our 14 year old pet to infection caused by a bad tooth.
Reply:The constanct licking could mean that he could have allergies. You should take him to a vet and have a check up.

Dogs teeth are just like people. When your teeth go bad they do need to get pulled, otherwise you will be in pain.

Many dogs/cats get their teeth pulled. Some only have 1 or 2 teeth left in their mouth.

This is a regular practice. Do what is necessary or at least get a second opinion if your not sure about this vet.
Reply:I think the best thing would be to have them pulled. His teeth are probably killing him, much as they would be killing us, but he just can%26#039;t tell you. I wouldn%26#039;t want my dog to go through that pain.
Reply:A few years ago I had a 13 year old Lakeland terrier with bad teeth problem. The vet pulled ALL of her teeth out in one go, and would you believe it, within a few weeks she was munching her biscuits again, as vet said the gums would harden again soon. Tough old girl she was, but lost her when she was 18. I%26#039;ll always miss Bianca!! Still, I have a wife now to take walks, ha ha.
Reply:Hi! I think it is best to get it pulled. If your vet says pull, then it is most likely the best thing for you to do. However, if you feel uncomfortable, maybe you should get a second opinion. I just think about how I would feel if I had a bad decay on my back teeth. Eventually, it would probably hurt. Your friend can%26#039;t tell you if he hurts or not. Good luck!
Reply:Just imagine how you would feel with a raging toothache, no wonder he is licking. Also, the poison from the decay and infection is going throughout his system. Not good!

Get his teeth pulled, he will feel so much better and be with you for a long time to come.
Reply:what may look like decay may not be, have him checked by a vet. they may only need to be cleaned. if to much build up is on them and has caused the teeth to become loose then they will need to be pulled. if they are loose this is pain full for him, as he bites with them they will rock back and fourth in his mouth causing him pain. if his teeth are really ad they can cause his jaw bone to deterate and even brake. they can cause sever throat infections and heart problems, so please have him checked.
Reply:If the vet says pull, do it. Dental disease can lead to other problems, like heart disease.

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