Monday, April 20, 2009

Do dog's teeth need cleaned regularly?

Aside from brushing them, do they really need cleaned professionally on a bi-annual basis?

Do dog%26#039;s teeth need cleaned regularly?
absolutely, for the same reason we need our own teeth cleaned professionally. In my opinion, bi-annually may be a bit much, talk to your veterinarian (or a couple vets) to decide on a reasonable cleaning schedule.

Just like our teeth, plaque and tarter can build up under the gum lines where we can%26#039;t reach with our tooth brushes and a professional cleaning with use of a scaler will remove all debris and then polish the surfaces to prevent further build up.

When plaque builds up where we can%26#039;t reach it, it harbors bacteria which can cause inflammation and pain, it can become so severe as to lead to damage of the liver, kidney, and heart through septicemia.

And don%26#039;t stop brushing at home! that is half of the equation to good health care. You just need the other half to equal one healthy pet.

Reply:well you can get them cleaned professionally. i know petco does it but just for dogs i believe, which is what you need so yea lol. um, my dog got her teeth cleaned occasionally but i didn%26#039;t really have a schedule for her. but you could just have your dogs teeth brushed when you take it to the groomers!

well, good luck!
Reply:yes they will bleed, turn yelllow if you don%26#039;t
Reply:No. What I do for my pup, is feed her special raw hind that helps clean her teeth and gums. Removes the tartar that builds up as well.

It%26#039;s tasty and a lot less of a hassle and fuss then brushing. Its a win-win situation. :)
Reply:As long as you brush regularly, they should be fine.
Reply:No, it’s not necessary (especially on a bi-annual basis! I don’t even go to the dentist for MY teeth that often). The vet will always look at them when you take your dog for shots and check-ups, and if they say the teeth are fine, then they are fine. If you already brush them, you do more than most people bother to, so I don’t think you need to worry about it. There are treats and chews made specifically to clean teeth a well, so if you want to do a bit more, look into those.
Reply:Ummmmm. We never clean my dogs teeth. At all. She is going on 3 years and has had no teeth problems. I know a lot of dogs that go their whole lives without %26quot;dental%26quot; care. So really, i say no.
Reply:no i really dont think so but you can if you think your dog really needs it but you can just by bones for the dog you can find dog bones that clean dogs teeth like milk bones you can get it at wal-mart or food 4 less

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