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Do u brush your dog's teeth? or do u take him to the dentist for a cleaning? or the grooming for a cleaning?

yes i do. i brush every other day. saves on vet bills...even though i have pet insurance for him lolol

Do u brush your dog%26#039;s teeth? or do u take him to the dentist for a cleaning? or the grooming for a cleaning?
No a bath when he is stinky thats about it
Reply:no i dont brush my wifes teeth
Reply:I give him dentachew bones.
Reply:I used to brush my dogs teeth.... but when he went to the spa they would clean them so much better....
Reply:yeah, I%26#039;m with maddy
Reply:My vet does my dog%26#039;s cleaning. We bathe our dogs and cut their nails.
Reply:no, but we brush out cats teeth, we dont have a dog...
Reply:I bathe my dog myself usually once a month. I don%26#039;t brush his teeth, but I constantly supply him with bones. Especially dental bones. They work great at keeping tarter to a minimum. Better than brushing i think.
Reply:If you give him cookies called milkbones, they make his teeth white, or they have treats to give them too, that are called greenies.
Reply:I just give my dog a bath..and no,I don%26#039;t brush his teeth..but u can.
Reply:It depends on the dog. Some dogs don%26#039;t need to have their teeth brushed regularly, and some do. Ask your groomer what they suggest for your dog. One of the best things for a dog%26#039;s teeth is a milkbone (or a dentabone) which help clean their teeth and the dogs love them.

My dog, a small mixed breed, gets her teeth cleaned when she goes to the groomers for a bath and hair cut (usually about once every two months).
Reply:You can get this chew toy at a pet smart for only 4-5 dollars. it cleans there teeth and gets rid of the bad breath. You can brush the teeth but i don%26#039;t recommend it to you. The dog would not be very happy with you. Taking the dog to the vet can cost a big amount of money, but they do a good job. i recommend that you go get the toy/bone. it really works.....good luck.
Reply:I do both. I brush my dogs teeth once a week, give him dental bones, and when I go to the vet he checks my dogs teeth to see if its healthy
Reply:I brush all my dogs teeth once a week. Every 2 months I use metal dental pics and scrape off any tartar. I also give bones which help but do not get everything. My 7 yr old chihuahua has teeth like a puppy, perfectly clean and white!!!
Reply:You can do all three (although instead of a dentist, it should be a veterinarian). If your dog is cooperative, you can save some money by brushing your dog%26#039;s teeth on your own, but make sure to get the toothbrush %26amp; toothpaste from a pet store. Dogs are different from humans so you shouldn%26#039;t brush their teeth with the products we use.

A vet may be a bit more expensive and a groomer may include a tooth-brushing with other grooming needs.

I brush my dog%26#039;s teeth on my own since I feel more comfortable with the way I do it.
Reply:some dogs must be brushed, others it%26#039;s less imperative. my current dog has to be brushed or he gets abscesses; already had 3 extractions. i tried everything %26amp; he wouldn%26#039;t let me brush(as didn%26#039;t start as a pup) he would only lick the meat-flavored toothpaste off the brush. got the special CET chews %26amp; special T/D food, and that helped a little. dont snack, no non-dog food, good quality dog food, no sweets, etc.

finally i asked a yahoo question %26amp; now I use gause wrapped around my fingertip with either boullion cube %26amp; bicarb paste, or just regular human toothpaste. this he accepts better. but he still needs another pulled, it%26#039;s so sad.

this is all on top of him getting under anesthesia vet cleanings 1-2x year and seeing a special dental vet. the vet says many breeds are just prone to it.

then my old old old dog, long deceased? 16 years, no dental care, ate everything (including boxes of chocolates whenever the opportunity presented itself), no problems.

even in the canine world, life is not fair!
Reply:I brush their teeth. I use Petdental natural
Reply:You may brush your dogs teeth with specail dog paste you can buy at wal-mart or target. and also give them greenes and let them chew on real raw hid,
Reply:If you learn the proper way to clean your dog%26#039;s teeth, you could save big $$$ later on in vet bills. Canine tooth buildup has been known to show problems with the liver, kidneys, and heart if left unattended. Ask your vet how to clean your breeds teeth at your next visit.
Reply:Brush your own dog%26#039;s teeth. If you take him to the vet, they are going to have to give him general anesthesia. Use a kid%26#039;s soft toothbrush, and dog toothpaste.
Reply:Yes, my dogs regularly get their teeth brushed, they also chew on nylabones, greenies and milk bones (although those don%26#039;t help teeth at all, dogs just like them). They also get their teeth cleaned at the vets as necessary - every 3 years approx.
Reply:i give my dogs dental bones and i groomed the long haired chi%26#039;s the short haired don%26#039;t get groomed they just get bathes sometimes.
Reply:u can do it urself with toothpaste and brush. its cheaper and u have more time to thoroughly brush daily

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