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Should you brush your dog's teeth?

Yes, you should. I brush my dogs teeth every night, but it is recommended that owners brush 3-4 times a week. I perform the dental procedures at my work and can tell you that I absolutely see a difference with those dogs that get their teeth brushed on a weekly basis.

ADD: NO human toothpaste! Not even kids!! Dog toothpaste only.

Should you brush your dog%26#039;s teeth?
once in a while so they won%26#039;t get tooth decay
Reply:You can and it is recommended but I have to admit that I generally don%26#039;t. A dog on hard food usually don%26#039;t need it.
Reply:A vet will say you should but... they do sell dental biscuits,much easier!
Reply:some dog breeds are prone to worse tooth decay than others. also, if you feed your dog wet food, it is more likely to experience decay. it is recommended that you do brush their teeth once a week or so, but raw hide chips also help keep them clean. the brushing is good to get rid of tarter and caked in stuff, but you really have to be able to be thorough. if your dog fights it, introduce them to the doggy toothpaste, which usually tastes pleasant. then use a finger brush first, because it is easier to feel around in his mouth. the bigger brush will have to be something you build up to, especially if you have an older dog.
Reply:Yes - and combine that with dental checkups and cleaning as needed at your vet.

Oxyfresh makes an oral hygeine solution that you put in their water to help keep teeth clean - it%26#039;s great stuff.
Reply:I brush my dogs teeth every time I bathe and groom her.The dry dog food helps a lot to take the plaque off their teeth but it doesn%26#039;t hurt to brush and save some money on teeth care later in life.
Reply:You definitely can, if the dog accepts it. Find a mild kids%26#039; toothpaste (making sure that there are NO ingredients a dog shouldn%26#039;t have), or even better, buy dog toothpaste at your local pet store. You can use an old human brush, just make sure to designate it %26quot;DOG BRUSH%26quot; so your family won%26#039;t use it for themselves. xD

Put a little tiny dot of toothpaste on the brush, and gently lift your dog%26#039;s lip as if examining his teeth. Praise him while you do this, then gently insert the brush into his mouth. If he rejects it, it may just take a little patience and time for him to get used to this odd tasting stick in his mouth.

If brushing won%26#039;t prevent tartar on dogs, it certainly helps minimize it, so their teeth look shiny clean, and their breath doesn%26#039;t smell like dog food all the time. Since most dogs don%26#039;t get their teeth brushed anyways, once a week or so is usually good increments for brushing; so your dog won%26#039;t have to sit around having his teeth brushed every day. Most dogs won%26#039;t %26quot;love%26quot; the brushing, but if they don%26#039;t mind it, that%26#039;s what you%26#039;re going for.

If your dog doesn%26#039;t like it at first though, you should give it time and don%26#039;t force him to sit there while you brush his teeth. Brushings can be very short in the beginning, or even try to ease the brush into his mouth without anything on it. When starting to brush your dog%26#039;s teeth, while he%26#039;s still getting used to it, you can feed a small treat after each brushing, and praise him with a favorite toy or pats on the head.

Hope this helps. ^-^


Good luck with your pup!
Reply:Yes. Dog%26#039;s need to have their teeth brushed and cleaned just like humans, except with dog toothpaste.
Reply:raw meaty bones act as a natural toothbrush. They work better that any dentabone, and better than toothbrushing.

I have never brushed my dogs teeth, they eat a raw diet, and my vet has always been very impressed with their teeth.
Reply:Yes actually, ridiculous as it sounds, you do. I found this out the hard way. My first dog now has gingivitis. If you are going to brush your dogs teeth you should use ONLY WATER, unless you buy special toothpaste for dogs. And if your dog won%26#039;t let you brush his teeth than let him chew on the bristles. Also I%26#039;ve heard of these bones that work like a toothbrush, you could try that.
Reply:Yes, definitely - especially if you have a small dog. Ideally a small dog should have it%26#039;s teeth brushed daily. A larger dog 5 to 6 times a week. It prevents tooth decay and prevents tarter and plaque from building on the teeth which if it breaks loose can lead to infection.

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