Monday, April 20, 2009

Where can I take my dog for a free teeth cleaning?

We live in south central Pennsylvania, close to Baltimore, York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Gettysburg... They%26#039;re all pretty close... Our dog%26#039;s about 8, and she really needs to have her teeth cleaned. Our vet said it could be over $500 to have her put under, and her teeth cleaned, and any dental work that she needs done... etc... I don%26#039;t have $500 and I don%26#039;t want her to get an infection and have other problems... We love her!

Where can I take my dog for a free teeth cleaning?
Your bathroom with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Its as easy as that
Reply:Buy some milkbone chews or a leather chew toy or a beef bone. Cost you five dollars and it%26#039;ll do about the same.
Reply:All you have to do is buy a doggie toothbrush and doggie toothpaste, and do it yourself. We brush our own dog%26#039;s teeth all the time!!!!
Reply:what pay all that money nooooooo,,,,go to the bathroom find a old tooth brush ans clean them ur self with ur own tooth past ,minty they like best my dogs love it and they have perfect teeth once a week is all they need and they soon get used to it ,
Reply:i dont think there will be any place that will do it for free. if there%26#039;s a veterinary school in your area, they might do it for cheaper, though. the thing is that it costs money for the gas used to put them asleep, and you can%26#039;t do it when they%26#039;re awake because they would never stand for it. plus, if you take teeth out, that would be painful to do while they%26#039;re awake. plus, it takes a lot of time to clean dogs%26#039; teeth (30-45 minutes in most cases), so it%26#039;s not just a quick fix kind of thing.
Reply:My vet clinic does a cat for around $165 with anesthesia and everything. $500 seems way out of line. My vets don%26#039;t charge more if they have to pull a tooth either. I did pay $400 for my 22 yr old cat recently. She was at the vet%26#039;s all day, starting with fluids in the am, blood pressure and heart monitoring. This was expensive because she is very old and her kidneys are really bad.

I took the risk because dental plaque, bacteria etc. can adversely affect the health of an animal.

I hope you can find a vet school near you or something less pricey. I do think it is important to have it done.
Reply:give it hard dog bisects such as milk-bone
Reply:Start feeding her raw bones, especially soft rib bones that her teeth will puncture. This will help to scrape the tartar off her teeth.

Any bones that you feed your dog MUST BE RAW as dogs cannot digest cooked bone.
Reply:Call around to the closest veterinary schools. They%26#039;ll usually do things like that just for experience in it. Brushing your dog%26#039;s teeth with a tooth brush and toothpaste isn%26#039;t the same as having them professionally cleaned. It doesn%26#039;t get all the tartar and stuff off.
Reply:Animal Clinics offer a discounted rate on teeth cleaning you might want to call around and get some prices , unfortunately nothing is free these days.


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