Monday, April 20, 2009

My dog's teeth are bleeding, what can I do/what is causing this?

Every time she chews on her raw hide bone, her gums bleed. She is a Bodeguero and 7 months old.

My dog%26#039;s teeth are bleeding, what can I do/what is causing this?
I would say that at 7 months old she is teething.Our Lab chewed non stop between 5 and 7 months,and had small amounts of blood also.Many years ago our Vet said as long as the gums looked healthy,and there was no smell,it is perfectly normal.I bet within another month or so,your dog will have all it%26#039;s adult teeth,and the bleeding will stop.If it%26#039;s very heavy bleeding,or if it still worries you,contact your Vet,they would be happy to discuss it with you.
Reply:gum disease
Reply:Gingivitis. Get doggy toothpaste and brush her teeth everyday. I%26#039;m not kidding. My vet told me to brush my dogs teeth. You can also have a dental cleaning done by your vet.
Reply:This is quite common, for dogs gums to bleed when they chew on these. They are quite hard, so rough bits as they chew, rub against the gum. Chewing these things are good for them, as it is a bit like cleaning the teeth. It get s the plaque off their teeth.

Also, she is only 7 months old, - i guess she probably has her adult teeth in or coming in, by now. As she loses her baby/puppy teeth, there may be a little blood too.

(I kept my puppy%26#039;s baby teeth as they fell out! I didnt put them under her pillow tho, for the doggy tooth fairy!!!)

I wouldnt worry about it too much. Next time you are at the vet, you could ask about it, but I think he will tell you similar to what I have said.

Good luck!
Reply:My pit bull pup had the same problem. Only happened when he ate those rawhide chew toys, I think its teething. On a vet visit, it started up again and she explained that that%26#039;s what it was. when you see this you should keep an eye out for little tooth chunks on ur floor. Dont want puppy to eat them.

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