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Are you supposed to brush your dog's teeth?

I didn%26#039;t know if it was okay. If so, is there a special toothbrush or toothpaste you have to use? I like it when my dog smells nice cause she likes to eat LIVER!

Are you supposed to brush your dog%26#039;s teeth?
yes you should brush your dogs teeth from puppies once a day you can buy a meaty flavored tooth paste and a dog tooth brush they are specially designed for a dogs teeth,you can buy them from a pet shop or your local vets
Reply:they have doggy toothbrushes and toothbrushes that slide over your finger. Personally, I%26#039;ve found my dogs don%26#039;t like their teeth being brushed so it%26#039;s much easier for me to get my finger in their mouth than a toothbrush.

They make beef, chicken and peanut butter flavored toothpaste for dogs - probably others as well. Use them, your dog will put up less of a fight. You can get them from your vet or from a reputable pet store.
Reply:Yes you are supposed to have your dog%26#039;s teeth brushed, done either professionally or yourself. There are special toothbrushes and toothpastes for dogs and you can find them at pet stores like petsmart.
Reply:yes if your dog eats a comercial diet (either wet or dry kibble) or home COOKED food, and there are special doggy toothpastes, do NOT use huamn toothpaste too many chemicals.

the other option is to routeinly (once a week) give a recreational marrow bone. which helps keep teeth clean

i have 3 dogs and live with 5 total, not one of them has ever had their teeth brushed but their breath is fresh and theri teeth are perfect (as per say the vet) they range in age from 6yrs to 8months and not one of them has ever needed a professional cleaning

but how if we dont brush? because they get rec bones once a week.
Reply:Yes, in fact dog owners SHOULD brush their dogs teeth every day (there are some agressive dogs who dont allow people to get into there mouthes but there are special denta stix or chews for that) yes there are specially designed tooth brush and toothpastes for dogs NEVER use normal toothpaste on your dog.
Reply:Yes there is a special toothpase for dogs and u should brush a dogs teeth so they don%26#039;t get all dirty. Special toothbrush no any kind of toothbrush.

you can use a soft tooth brush with baking soda or you can buy canine tooth paste at a pet store

they need their teeth brushed regularly just like humans

you can get more information by checking out a book on dog care from the library
Reply:yes 1 to 2 times a year. there are special toothbrushes you can buy from pet shops and flavoured toothpaste which dont have a scent.
Reply:Yes. The vet can tell you which toothbrush and toothpaste to use. The bacteria that accumulates in dog%26#039;s teeth and gums can cause serious illnesses especially in the kidneys and the liver.
Reply:Yes, you should brush your dog%26#039;s teeth but never use human toothpaste. There is something in it than can kill your pet. There are special toothbrushes and toothpaste that you can get for your dog. Sometimes it scares them so to get them used to brushing you can just use your finger on the outside of their mouth and just rub back and forth. When they seem a little more relaxed about it you could try using a cloth on their teeth on the inside of their mouth. Any type of cleaning is better than nothing. Their teeth forms plaque just like ours and can cause problems. Good luck.
Reply:you can get dog teeth brusih kits form like pet stores most ofd the tym and ur meant 2 brush there teeth cos later in like they rot same as humans.

also think bout where the expresion doggy breath comes from.

if u start while reasonably young they get used 2 it so altho they may resist at first they%26#039;ll get used 2 it after maybe a month.

oh and u shud brush em once a week depending on breed
Reply:Yes, you are supposed too and I have a dog and I admit that I don%26#039;t. It is much easier to start with a puppy and get them used to it, I didn%26#039;t. There are special toothbrushes and liver flavored toothpaste.Most vets will have these items.

The danger of not taking care of your dogs teeth is that plaque builds up on them and then breaks off and the dog ingests all that bacteria which can cause health problems later on and a lowerd immunity.

I would for sure give him lots of bones if you don%26#039;t brush and get annual teeth cleanings done at your vet.
Reply:Yes, you should brush your dogs teeth. Daily is best, but weekly or several times a week is better than nothing.

Buy toothpaste made for dogs, human toothpaste isn%26#039;t good for them. Dog toothpaste comes in dog-friendly flavors, such as liver and vanilla. They also make toothbrushes specifically for dogs.

If your dog gets too much tarter/plaque buildup on it%26#039;s teeth, you can you take it to the vet and they will do a full dental cleaning and scrape off the plaque and tarter while the dog is under anesthesia.

Note: Giving your dog dental bones, ropes, etc., does *not* replace brushing the teeth.

Raw meaty bones are excellent for the teeth.

Reply:Yes you%26#039;re supos eto brush your dogs teeth, just liek humans they can get a build up of plaque. To clean it use a soft child toothbrush or what%26#039;s called a finger brush. You can pick it up at any pet store. The finger brush works better b/c it allows you get into places you normally can%26#039;t and dog%26#039;s usually react better to it. As for toothpaste thats up to you, my vet told me that they are useless same as my teacher. But they can help with your dog getting use to teh fact of having tehir teeth brushed. I just dip the brush in water. They should have their teeth brushed everyday, if you don%26#039;t then down the road when they are say 8 years old you might have a $2000 dental vet bill. And interesting tidbit 80% of dogs over teh age of 1 have dental problems
Reply:yes there is definitely a tooth brush made especially for dogs, I recommend u to go and see the veterinarian. I suppose they will give you tips of how to brush dogs teeth, I heard it is important for a dog to have healthy teeth.
Reply:Yes you are. Go to the pet store and ask them for a doggy tooth brush and tooth paste. Don%26#039;t use human tooth paste cause it can upset their stomach. I would recommend doing it only once a week or sometimes once in two weeks because if you do it everyday, it might irritate their gums. But when you do brush their teeth, make sure you do the front and back.

Start brushing asap. If you wait later on they can get gum disease which can lead to other problems like stomach ache and what not. Having cavities and gum disease can be really uncomfortable for the dog as well.

Hope that helps.
Reply:yes it is ok. get it a meaty flavor, such as poultry, beef, or (gross) liver. you have to buy a specail kind for dogs. human%26#039;s tooth paste isn%26#039;t good for dogs. there are too many chemicals in it. it is easier to use a finger brush but the dog is most likey to bite. if you don%26#039;t have time to brush its teeth, you should get it a dental bone and have your dog chew it.

no, there is no certain tooth brush you have to use as long as no humans used it. some doggy toothpastes come with a toothbrush.

you don%26#039;t have to rinse its mouth after. dog toothpaste is edible for dogs. there should be directions on the toothpaste to tell you how many times to brush it a week. if not, the least is twice a week. if you buy it at a grocery store, i heard it wasn%26#039;t good. buy it at any pet store. well, i hope my information helped. good luck!
Reply:Yes, there is specially made toothpaste for dogs and cats that they can swallow without any harm to them. Do not use human toothpaste at all. There is a special toothbrush that fits on the end of your finger that can make it easier to brush their teeth. Your vets office should have both available or any pet store.
Reply:there is a special tooth brush for dogs...

But.. mm.. wierd idea though
Reply:no.there are some types of chew bones that have special teeth brushing stuff in it like pedigree ectect

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