Monday, April 20, 2009

Do dog's teeth fall out and then grow back like human's teeth do???

Yes they do.

Do dog%26#039;s teeth fall out and then grow back like human%26#039;s teeth do???
Reply:Dogs Teeth DO fall out,, not all though :]
Reply:yea they lose their sharp puppy teeth
Reply:Yes their puppy teeth do, then they get their permanent adult dog teeth.
Reply:Puppies teeth will fall out .. and then they will grow their adult canines.

Adult dogs teeth shouldn%26#039;t fall out. They won%26#039;t grow back.
Reply:Yes, puppies start losing their baby teeth at 3 months, finishing by the time they%26#039;re 7-8 months old.
Reply:just the puppy teeth fall out and the adult dog teeth grow in. If they loose there adult teeth, just like humans there gone forever.
Reply:yes one time not like sharks
Reply:only once.. when they%26#039;re puppies.
Reply:yeah, dude, they grow back just like our teeth can but you also have to brush their teeth too.
Reply:A dog%26#039;s puppy teeth will fall out to make room for the adult teeth.
Reply:Only the baby teeth will be replaced by adult teeth. When the adulth teeth are lost they will not grow back.
Reply:Yes puppies lose their baby teeth starting at about 3mo old [it varies with each animal] by the time they%26#039;re 5-8mo they have their permanent canine teeth. Usually the permanent tooth is what pushes the baby tooth out but sometimes the baby teeth stay put and the permanent ones come in behind causing problems, then the baby tooth must be manually removed.
Reply:Dogs, like people, have 2 sets of teeth, a puppy set and an adult set. They will lose their puppy teeth, and grow a full set of adult teeth.

If they loose an adult tooth, either through an accident or having it pulled, it will not grow back.

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