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My female dog is showing me her teeth!?

We got our dog from an animal shelter when she was only 8 weeks old. I was 5 months pregnant at the time and she really took to liking me and being very loving and gentle. Then when I had my baby she began showing me her teeth alot! My baby is now 6 months old and I have another 2 1/2 year old child. My dog is still showing me (and only me) her teeth! No growling or bitting... Nothing like that. Just showing me her teeth. I%26#039;m not mean to her. I don%26#039;t hit or yell or anything but I have started to stay away from her. Why do you think she%26#039;s acting like this towards me and what can I do to make her stop? Do you think she%26#039;s a threat to my daughters?

Also, please read my question I left earlier about my dog being pregnant. This was going on long before the pregnancy though...

My female dog is showing me her teeth!?
i%26#039;m smiling as i read this as i can tell you are worried it is an aggressive gesture. It isn%26#039;t. This is a submissive gesture and it is her way of showing you are the boss. Alot of dogs do this, don%26#039;t worry about it. Just enjoy her. She is trying to give you love. Just be as re-assuring as possible to her and give her lots of attention, i know you have two kids..i have three! all under five, but you can still find time to give her attention..the more you stay away from her the more submissive she will don%26#039;t back off from least she knows your in charge!
Reply:sometimes, dogs smile at you. I%26#039;ve known some dogs like that. They look like they are aggressive, so you are apt to back away from them, but these dogs aren%26#039;t being aggressive. That is a possibility, but is she doing it at certain times or just anytime? You said she%26#039;s never snapped at you, It may just be a strange thing that she%26#039;s developed. I%26#039;d definitely ask your Veterinarian for an opinion though, because of your kids. You want to be safe for them.
Reply:She could be smiling - my friend had a dog who did that all the time, which was a bit freaky until we realised what she was trying to do!

If she%26#039;s not growling and is fairly happy otherwise, and wagging her tail, then I%26#039;d say that%26#039;s what she%26#039;s doing!

Try looking at the first picture on page 1 and at Seth and Tucker on page 3 - does your dog look like any of these?!
Reply:If she is not growling or standing in an aggressive stance, she is probably grinning at you. Some dogs do this. Next tme she does it, go right up to her, and see if she wags her tail.
Reply:my JRT does that all the time, especially if we tell him to say please. He is just smiling at us.
Reply:If she is not growling ,barking or bitting are you sure she is mad or is it something else ?If she was loving and gentle I do not think your having a baby would change her .It may sound funny but my dogs smile when they are happy . But to be on the safe side make a log of when she shows her teeth , who is in the room and whats going on up untill the teeth come out . You may want to video tape her actions too .Then talk to your vet , but make sure you have your notes with you or its a wasted trip to the vet .
Reply:Your dog is trying to say to you that she still cares for you. She might just be grinning, just stroke her when she does it. Hopefully she will know you still care for her.
Reply:my dog does this all the time shes smiling but if you feel uncomfortable with it check with a vet or dog trainerplease dont stay from her she will think shes being punished and she hasnt done anything wrong
Reply:I have seen puppy%26#039;s do this to older dogs. I asked my vet and he said that if there is no other signs of aggression then it is their way of saying I am only a baby, please don%26#039;t hurt me. Its important that you don%26#039;t stay away from the dog. You have to be seen as the boss. You and only you should be the one to feed her....this makes you in the dogs eyes a higher status than her. If the dog wants to choose when to start the game and make sure its you that stops playing first. If you play a tug game...never let the dog win, remember you are the boss. Be in control at all times. Lastly never ever ever leave small children alone with ANY dog, no matter how soppy they are, accidents happen and most dogs are much stronger than a child. Hope this helps and good luck :o)
Reply:I would say a firm no to the dog when she shows her teeth.

I would not leave children alone with any dog, you say she has been OK with your eldest daughter, did you let the dog smell the babies toes or used clothes? how did she react?

you don%26#039;t say when she is showing her teeth
Reply:If she isn%26#039;t snarling, growling or being other wise %26quot;hostile%26quot; she is probably ginning and smiling at you!

Just make a fuss of her....

Its always wise to keep an eye on any dog when the baby is near by.
Reply:shes smiling my 3month pup does that so cute stroke her and her tail will waggel for sure.
Reply:My female dog shows us her teeth nearly all the time,She learned from my wife who always smiled at her after we got Chloe from the dogs home.I have read that showing teeth with no signs of agression is the dogs signal of submission.

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