Monday, April 20, 2009

Is It Safe To Brush My Dog's Teeth With Human Toothpaste?

Hello dog lovers,

My kid the Domberman is almost 3 years old. I was wondering if it%26#039;s safe for him to use my toothpaste (Colgate)?

I thank you for your time

Is It Safe To Brush My Dog%26#039;s Teeth With Human Toothpaste?
No, it is not.. a veterinarian answered that question a few hours ago, and she said certainly not safe..You can get doggy toothpaste at any pet supply, and they like it better, too..

Since i began feeding Canidae, even my old dog%26#039;s teeth are sparkling white.. I can%26#039;t believe it!

Here is the link to the answer by a veterinarian%26gt;;...
Reply:yes if he likes it, if not get a flavored one for animals
Reply:You should really invest in a dog toothpaste they are not expensive %26amp; they usually come w a toothbrush made specially for your pooch. Normally Im not against using people items on my animals w safety percautions but if you read on the toothpaste box %26amp; or label it says that it is not safe to swallow even by humans %26amp; that even children should be monitored when using %26amp; that is any significant amount IS swallowed that poison control should be called. So being that your pooch is for sure going to swallow %26amp; eat the paste then its certain that is could cause problems!! Be safe %26amp; keep your pooches best interest in mind %26amp; just pick up some pet toothpaste, they like the flavor, its no rinse, so less mess %26amp; its safe for them to swallow!! BEST OF LUCK!!!
Reply:I wouldn%26#039;t recommend it. Toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed and states that on the package. It would be hard if not impossible to teach your dog to brush and spit.

Why don%26#039;t you call a vet%26#039;s office in your area and inquire if there is an animal toothpaste?

Thank you for checking to make sure. You are a responsible pet owner. Good for you!
Reply:Definately not. Because human toothpaste has floride and such in it, and it is already unsafe for us to swallow that, and dogs don%26#039;t know any better. Just spend the extra couple of bucks to go ahead and get him some doggy toothpaste, he%26#039;ll like the taste of that better anyway.
Reply:Dogs don%26#039;t like minty-fresh breath! They like liver and chicken. It is not safe for your dog to be brushed with our toothpaste. You have a lot of good answers here! It%26#039;s great to see that you care about your dogs oral health!
Reply:If it is Crest, yes :-)
Reply:NO!!! It%26#039;s not safe at all. Most human toothpastes contain an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs. Buy some doggy toothpaste at a petstore.
Reply:Yes and it is actually a good thing to do. Dogs teeth can decay just like humans and if your dog lets you brush its teeth then go for it. It will save you money in the long run and plus your dogs teeth will be healthier.
Reply:NO dog toothpaste only - you could seriously hurt your dog with human toothpaste.
Reply:Not really, no!!


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