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How do you brush your dog's teeth without him biting you?

Give him trouble for biting, praise him and treat him for putting up with it. You can%26#039;t just start with a tooth brush, either. Dogs first of all don%26#039;t like their mouth%26#039;s being touched, you have to get them used to it, it%26#039;s not something you normally do to them.

Here%26#039;s a how-to

How do you brush your dog%26#039;s teeth without him biting you?
Your dog bites you? Mine wont open her mouth.
Reply:You don%26#039;t hes a DOG
Reply:You just have to get him used to it. Give him lots of praise and a treat afterwards. If he bites you, scold him by saying %26quot;No!%26quot; in a firm voice.

Also, they have yummy beef or cheese flavored tooth paste for them.
Reply:You can give him bones to eat which clean his teeth. Or you can buy special treats which do the same thing, you probably shouldn%26#039;t clean it with human toothpaste anyway.
Reply:you dont.

just let him chug some listerine.

no seriously, dont do that. i was just kidding.
Reply:go to petsmart and get the long handled tooth brush - dog will chew on brush but as long as you keep your fingers out of his mouth you should be fine
Reply:Well how old is your dog?

Your dog MUST be used to it when he grows all his teeth. Otherwise, he%26#039;d not really understand what you%26#039;re trying to do, thinking that you%26#039;re shoving an object down his throat.
Reply:what you should do is hold his mouth shut but lift up the skin and brush that way he cant bite you bu he can still have a beautiful smile :)
Reply:I heard that if you try to PRY open the dogs mouth they don%26#039;t like that most of the time...

Try just lifting their lips instead and slowly work your way inside...I%26#039;ll try to search for a clip or something...

Here, this show is a local thing for me so I don%26#039;t know if this website is gonna work for you though but I hope it helps if it does...

There%26#039;s also a part 2 under the video player if you don%26#039;t what your looking for in the first clip....
Reply:Very carefully, if at all. Let%26#039;s face it, to have a dog%26#039;s teeth cleaned requires sedation, so brushing a dogs teeth is probably pretty much out of the question. I think that%26#039;s what dog bones are supposed to accomplish.
Reply:Take a baby wipe and put some toothpaste on it and just rub his teeth and gums,if you do this often it will help.
Reply:---looks like ya got a pretty vicious dog on your hands!!-----

it all depends on what kind of dog it is!!! if you can%26#039;t succeed, try your local dog grooming joint and see if they clean teeth. my dog groomer does, and she even sold me a toothbrush so i can clean my dog%26#039;s teeth. (when you squeeze the toothbrush, it barks) it makes brushing more fun and makes my dog more relaxed. Try petsmart or some dog-related store for one!!!! Also, they now have something called YipYAp, which are daily breath mints for dogs!!! Hope i helped!!!! ( by the way, if your looking to freshen his breath, YipYap will definately help you, but if your looking to actually clean his teeth, you proably won%26#039;t succeed because dog%26#039;s teeth are hard to get white, and i beleive the vet told me it is their nature to have thick enamel.)
Reply:It doesn%26#039;t sound like you%26#039;re %26quot;top dog%26quot;. You have some training issues to deal with with him.

Those aside, the next time he%26#039;s at the vet, ask them to brush his teeth.

But you should make at least one appointment with a dog trainer, because your dog should not even consider biting you. It%26#039;s clear he considers himself the alpha dog.
Reply:See first you have to earn the dogs TRUST ,, if you don%26#039;t have it then don%26#039;t bother brushing his teeth,, ! that would suck to have a dog that wants to bite me,, never had it! My dogs have always trusted me to cut nails , bath, clean ears,, etc, stuff that needs done! Good luck,, !!
Reply:try this
Reply:Well, you could either just give him bones to clean his teeth, or look for a longer handled brush and maybe a different flavor of toothpaste. When i clean my dog%26#039;s teeth, he actually likes the mint toothpaste the best...maybe you could try that! if he still tries to bite you, scold him when he does, and when he is cooperative, give him praise!

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