Monday, April 20, 2009

How do i clean my dog's teeth?

She is 4 years old and has a serious dislike for the vet. Please help me.

How do i clean my dog%26#039;s teeth?
You can get gauze squares from CVS or any other pharmacy and just wet it with warm water and rub it along the outside of the teeth only. They also sell bones that help keep the teeth clean. If you want to spend alittle bit more money, your vet should have a really good food that helps clean teeth called T/D. It%26#039;s made by Science Diet and works really well. You can give it as a treat if you want too.
Reply:Look for bones called Dent-a-bone or some type of treat that will say on the package to help prevent tarter buildup
Reply:Buy pig ears, or anything rawhide, and milkbones. They do work.
Reply:you can brush them with a tooth brush or give him those dental bones
Reply:they have dog toothpaste go to and look under products
Reply:with your toothbrush
Reply:You can go to the pet store and get doggy toothpaste and toothbrush, and if she lets you, you can just brush her teeth like you would brush your own.
Reply:There are foods for gum and tartar/plaque treatment you can get from the vet. Another thing you can ask about is this little rubber thimble thing that you put on your finger and can massage your pet%26#039;s teeth and remove the plaque yourself.
Reply:you can buy one of those doggie tootbrushes/ or give him denta bones... my dog has really bad breath even if i brush her teeth so i give her denta bones...
Reply:take her to the groomer!! they brush their teeth.
Reply:There are some snack biscuits that help to keep her teeths clean, try Pedigree or Purina%26#039;s they%26#039;re the best.
Reply:You need a doggie toothbrush, and some meaty flavoured toothpaste. It isnt%26#039; hard, just hold the dog steady, and brush away. Look in a pet store!
Reply:use a finger brush like a baby uses reccommended by vet and use toothpaste they have doggie flavored ones they like better
Reply:I brush my dogs teeth, but I have friends who swear by this product. Just add it to her water.
Reply:try to do it yourself they sell a lot of stuff to help you at pet stores and they are good and to keep them clean give them dentabone or something like it.
Reply:Stay away from %26quot;Greenies%26quot;. they are supposed to be good for teath, but CNN had a report last year about how they are getting stuck in dogs intestens and killing them. The vets are removing them almost whole from the intestines during autopsies. I dumped a whole bag of them after hearing the report.

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