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My dog's teeth are falling out!!!??

i have a begion poodle, so shes small, shes five years old, and her teeeth are falling out, and her gums are black! what should I do, i started to change her food to wet food so she actually eat, since she can%26#039;t chew her dry food!

any help?


My dog%26#039;s teeth are falling out!!!??

It will be worth taking your dog to the vet. If her teeth are falling out there is obviously something going on and she is probably suffering from advanced dental disease. It%26#039;s unfair to leave her be as she will most likely be in some pain and discomfort. I recently had to take my mum%26#039;s dogs to the vets for similar reasons, they are both ten and both were suffering from advanced dental disease. It is quite expensive to have dental work done, but it%26#039;s definitely worth having her checked out to ensure that she isn%26#039;t suffering.

For all those people who are being judgemental and so ignorant that they think you can report someone for not looking after their dogs teeth....

Not everybody is aware that dental rountine is just as important in dogs as it is people. This practice has only been adopted in more recent times and in failing to brush your dogs teeth does not mean you are neglecting your dog. I have dogs and they have dental hygiene routine%26#039;s however owners were never previously made aware of bad dental disease can be for pets and therefore there are many people who are not aware of the need. Just because they don%26#039;t adopt this routine does not mean the are neglecting, abusing or loving their animal any less. I%26#039;m sure the animal protection societies have more important things to do with their time than deal with people with such trivial issues...find out what real animal abuse is about and concern yourself with that.
Reply:Have you brushed its teeth lately? If not , GO TO THE VET!!!
Reply:Sounds like she has gum disease, my cat has it. You should go to the vet so they can pull the rotten teeth and prescribe some medicine for her. They can also suggest better food!
Reply:If she%26#039;s 5 years old with black gums, I%26#039;m guessing that she hasn%26#039;t been to the vet regularly. At this point, there is nothing that you can do. She has a serious gum disease. All her teeth will fall out, and she%26#039;ll be on wet food for the rest of her life.

Where do you live (so that I can call the ASPCA for you not properly caring for your dog)?
Reply:You need to take her to a vet, as soon as possible.
Reply:She should%26#039;ve started getting teeth cleanings by age 4. You need to get her in for a dental, it will only get worse!
Reply:Go to the vets for pete%26#039;s sake!

You can%26#039;t neglect your dog%26#039;s oral health like that! You should%26#039;ve brushed her teeth or given her dental bones or chew toys with nubs.
Reply:Time to take her to the vet.

Get her taken care of infections and tooth problems can lead to organ damage.
Reply:um sorry, take her to the vet, it sounds bad!!! :(
Reply:5 years is young for the dog to loose it%26#039;s teeth. tehre is probably gum disease.

She realy needs to see a vet teh teeth problem could either be from an known health problem or it can cause health problems ( some are fatal)
Reply:vet, vet, vet, they%26#039;re there for a reason.
Reply:For god sake, take her in and get her teeth cleaned once a year!! Thanks to your poor nuturing habits, all her teeth have rotted away.

In the future, take care of your dog. People like you don%26#039;t deserve their love and devotion.

Reply:either gum disease (although some dogs have black gums.

or those are her baby teeth falling out.

For now, just to make sure she is ok, take her to the vet, and give her some TLC!

Hope she feels better!
Reply:I%26#039;d take her to a vet, %26amp;, when she was younger, since she is a poodle, did you play %26quot;tug-a-war%26quot; with her?

If you played fetch, did you pullthe ball from her mouth?

This is a mistake many people make.

If you pull toys out at a young age, the animal%26#039;s teeth will fall out when they%26#039;re older, so yeah, take her to a vet.

Hope this helps! :D
Reply:You need to take her to the vet to get a dental check.
Reply:Well you better take her to the vet then, hadn%26#039;t you? Sounds like she has some serious dental problems, must be very painful for her!

Imagine what it would be like for YOU if you couldn%26#039;t chew food because your gums were black and your teeth were falling out. Would you go on the computer? Or might you be trying to find an emergency dentist to save you from the pain?

Reply:what kind of dog???? do you mean a bichon frise x poodle cross bred mongrel??? if so,,, thats what you get for getting a dog from scammers.

my cat

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