Monday, April 20, 2009

What age should I start brushing my dog's teeth?

I have a 5 month old puppy who seems (finally!) to have finished teething - when should I start brushing his teeth?

What age should I start brushing my dog%26#039;s teeth?
My dogs teeth are pristine. I do not brush them. I give a Dentastix each night before they settle for the night
Reply:you could try now..iv not got puppies but my 2 greys wont touch dry so i have to clean there teeth but coz they dnt like the taste of doggy toothpaste i found some info on a site that says bicarb mixed to a paste with water and a pinch of salt works so i use that method theres an alternative should your lil puppy be the same and not like toothpaste...youll no doubt get posts on here saying feed your dog dry etc etc..BUT again i found info on a website (burns dry food) that says something to the effect of %26quot; our teeth dont feel fresh and clean when we eat biscuits so how can u expect a dogs mouth too%26quot; mine have dentastix to chew on and bones ..good luck xx
Reply:You can start brushing there teeth at 6 months. Make sure to consult your vet for the correct brand and to make sure it%26#039;s safe for that breed. The funny thing is, they say you should brush your dogs teeth every day, i don%26#039;t know who in America has the time to do that, but thats what i learned in school.

depending on your dogs teeth, a dental can be preformed at age one or two. They will knock the dog out, due to the instruments they use and the length of time 30min to an hour. It doesn%26#039;t hurt, it%26#039;s less stress on them to just knock them out. This will prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.

It%26#039;s nice that you are taking this action! It will have a healthier life!
Reply:start brushing at twenty one years old he should be tough then%26gt;
Reply:One of the best things to clean your dogs teeth are raw bones, they must be raw not cooked. Chicken wings are very good if he will eat them or lamb flaps, lamb flaps are a little fatty so unless he has a weight problem they should be fine. You can buy greenies from your vet which are also excellent, they will freshen the breath as well. good luck
Reply:In all honesty you should just do for the dog what nature intended to keep his teeth clean and offer him some raw meaty bones to chew on. Beef Soup bones from the grocery are perfect. They will provide hours of entertainment for the dog and scrape his teeth clean and keep them pearly white for you then you won%26#039;t have to worry about brushing a dogs teeth.


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