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How should i brush my dog's teeth ? she wont let me?

can u please explain i did alot of reaserch online and i did wat they asked me to do such as

For the first few sessions don%26#039;t even use a toothbrush. Gently stroke the outside of her cheeks with your finger. After she becomes comfortable with that, place a dab of toothpaste on your finger and let her taste it

but she would not let me do it

what should i do

How should i brush my dog%26#039;s teeth ? she wont let me?
she wont let you put your fingers in her mouth or wont let you use the toothpaste?

if its the former, keep working with her. it is important regardless for any pet to allow you to touch them anywhere at any time.

make sure you are using a doggy toothpaste, human toothpaste can be toxic. doggy toothpaste also comes in a variety of flavors. most dogs really like the chicken flavor.
Reply:Try it with meat first - like ground beef - then get chicken flavored toothpaste
Reply:Who says you have to brush your dog%26#039;s teeth?

Just give her some raw meaty bones.
Reply:ask a vet maybe?
Reply:Get toothpaste for dogs and then maybe she will let you. There are some in various flavors. Ours like the peanut butter.
Reply:1st, make sure you buy toothpaste for dogs. They love the taste of it, and it%26#039;s safe for them to swallow. After that, just sit on her and hold her head.
Reply:ummmm yea....make sure you floss and have her gargle.
Reply:Try the same approach with dog toothpaste which dogs like the taste of. Alternatively, get certain toys that help clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy - ask the pet shop - they can direct to some things
Reply:If it is the taste, change toothpaste until you find a flavor that she likes. Even try the kids toothpaste that comes in flavors.
Reply:Beef flavored toothpaste on your finger. Walmart carry%26#039;s it

Do you really need to brush your dogs teeth?
Reply:Buy Her a chew toy, to clean her teeth,
Reply:Put her on her side.... laying on herside, put your legs over top of her... one or 2 depending on how big she is... and stick whatever you wanna stick in her mouth to clean her teeth... you honestly should have someone else hold itt open for you while you work... but the main thing to do is to hold her down so she can%26#039;t have manaueverbility.
Reply:i dont brush my dogs teeth, i buy her one of those bones that says that it cleans teeth. if she dosent chew it, i play with it with my dog.
Reply:Well I guess flossing is out of the question then.
Reply:Milk Bones. Start with them and work your way up to the brushing part. Toothpaste was designed for humans, not dogs. Dogs like to chew. That%26#039;s why chew bones came along and all those other cutesy things you pay big bucks for. Unless you get your dog as a puppy and introduce the toothbrush as a play toy it%26#039;s pretty much a hopeless case. Toothpaste, forget it. It%26#039;s a human thing. Get a toothbrush, smother it in liverwurst or whatever and that might peak puppies tasteglands. Mints and other human flavours won%26#039;t cut it.
Reply:buy her a new toothbrush. make sure it is sturdy. my dog likes the hard plastic ones with the soft rubber on the edges. and put it on the floor.

that%26#039;s it.

my dog LOVES to chew on the whole thing, bristles and all. Of course, my dog is a small Yorkie, so make sure your dog cant eat it or choke on it. but I have pics of him brushing his own teeth. I took a few to my dentist and vet. They love them!!

I have the dog that is just as stubborn as your dog. Maybe even more stubborn...she won%26#039;t even let me open her mouth! Imagine how I would possibly brush her teeth..

My dog was given, I had her for two years..and on the third week I had her, I discovered that she had gum disease.

When I attempted to stick the toothbrush into her mouth, it would always bleed. It had always freaked me out, I stopped doing it.

If your really concerned about your dog%26#039;s teeth, I bought dental chews (green rubber/hard/ and a chewy dog treat) They should sell them in all pet stores.

I let my dog chew on these treats for weeks, she still chews them. She loves them, her teeth has really improved :)

I hope that gave you some ideas.

Good luck with your doggie!

Reply:just like bathing, your dog will get used to it if you are consistence in the attempt. try showing him his favorite treat while attempting the brushing.

remember that it%26#039;s very important to keep your dog%26#039;s teeth clean, cause if not it can and will set up poison in your dog%26#039;s system.

just keep keeping on and you%26#039;ll win him over.

good luck
Reply:Yes dogs should have their teeth brushed and also be on hard food. You are her mommie and she will get away with what she wants. You have to be her pack leader. Take charge and keep it up weekly. It is good if you use chicken favor or beef favor toothpaste for dogs. Don%26#039;t use your toothpaste. Use a toothbush for dogs too. This covers more of the teeth and you can be in and out before she knows what is going on.
Reply:good for you knowing that you have to keep your dogs teeth clean.

Wow it is a pain!

Go to butcher, have them cut you a 2%26quot; piece of cow femur. give to dog. Bam - your done!

Raw Meaty bones do wonders for the teeth!

They love it, you don%26#039;t have to fight it! WIN WIN
Reply:It sounds like you are off to a good start!

Be persistent and don%26#039;t give up.

There are many alternative, but don%26#039;t just do one/

Dental health is SO important in making your pets life much longer.

Studied have shown the tartar and bacteria in a dogs mouth over time will cause heart problems and infections.

I use many things for my dog.

Chews help with the %26quot;chewing%26quot; surface of the teeth and mainly the back premolars

There are water additive to help kill the bacteria in the dogs mouth, which helps. The only brand that I like is CET, it is flavorless.

The site above has WONDERFUL information and AWESOME products. My dog LOVES the chews, they are a longer processed beef hide with chlorhexidine (to also kill bacteria)

What helped me when starting to brush my dogs teeth is I found a toothpaste he liked (dog only of course) and let him lick it like a treat. Eventually i worked up to a toothbrush and held his lips back while he enjoyed the toothpaste.

Also there is a new SEALANT for the teeth called ORAVET
Reply:you can buy special dental chew bones that clean dogs teeth from pet shops

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