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How do i brush my dog's teeth?

he keeps licking up all the toothpaste and how can i brush his teeth to prevent any decay?

How do i brush my dog%26#039;s teeth?
It%26#039;s good that you are trying to brush your dog%26#039;s teeth. Tooth and gum disease is one of the leading preventable causes of infection and even death in dogs. Don%26#039;t let people tell you that dry dog food, raw meaty bones, or dental treats are enough. Nothing is as good as brushing your dog%26#039;s teeth. (And bones can be very dangerous. Read some of the FAQ%26#039;s at if you want to know more.)

You can do it one of two ways, you can either try to teach him to keep his mouth closed while you brush, or you can just brush away while he%26#039;s licking at it. I was lucky I had one dog who would just keep his teeth together and wait to lick up the toothpaste until after I stopped, but that%26#039;s rare. The dog I have now is like yours, always trying to lick it up before I%26#039;m done. I%26#039;ve found that if you%26#039;re fast and get the brush in the side of his mouth under his lip right away, you can just brush away while he%26#039;s licking and still get a good amount of the toothpaste on his teeth. It%26#039;s harder for him to lick it off the side of his mouth than in the front, so do the front last.

It%26#039;s the brushing action that counts more than the toothpaste. You could brush with plain water if you wanted to and it would be better than nothing (thought probably less pleasant for the dog.) If you%26#039;re using dog toothpaste (don%26#039;t use people toothpaste!) it won%26#039;t matter if you have to use a lot, so feel free to add more to the brush when you switch sides.

If you want to teach your dog to keep his mouth closed while you brush, I%26#039;m not sure the best way to do that, but here%26#039;s some ideas. You would start by just rubbing his teeth with your finger, and if he keeps his mouth closed, he gets a treat when you pull your finger out. You gradually increase the amount of time he has to wait with your finger in his mouth before he gets a treat. Then you gradually work up to the toothbrush with nothing on it, then finally with a tiny bit of toothpaste, then to the full thing. You might have to use your other hand to hold his mouth closed at first until he gets the idea.

You could also try teaching him a wait command where he has to hold a treat on his nose, or leave one right in front of him without eating it, until you say he can have it. Once he%26#039;s good at both of those situations, teach him to hold a treat in his mouth and not eat it until you say so. We used to have a black lab that would sit there with a 4-inch long piece of juicy steak fat in his mouth and just drool for as long as it took until we let him eat it. He would also hold multiple pieces of popcorn all over his body, his head, tail, paws, shoulders, etc. until told he could eat them. It%26#039;s a great trick and you can use it to make him wait to eat the toothpaste as well.
Reply:I assume you brush yours....then the same way
Reply:Give your dog raw meaty bones to chew on every couple of weeks. Femur bones and soup bones from the grocery store will provide him with hours of entertainment and keep his teeth clean and breath fresh. It is what nature intended. Toss the brush and feed your dog raw meaty bones!
Reply:i got one of the toothbrushes with the beef flavored toothpaste. (they love it) and i just had my dog sit and i held up his gums while i did it. they have to know you are in charge and they should stop when you tell them to. as long as they know that you should be fine!

I have a website about Standard Poodles and there is a page about Dog Dental Care that tells you about brushing your dog%26#039;s teeth, maybe it will help. Check it out.

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