Monday, April 20, 2009

How can I keep my dog’s teeth clean and healthy?

brushing them, doggie bones specifically for cleaning the teeth, GOOD dog toys and chews that promote clean teeth and gums, a GOOD quality food, and regular vet visits.

How can I keep my dog’s teeth clean and healthy?
brush them?
Reply:You Can Use Raw hides those help, or There are Certain Dog bones formulated for that.

take your dog to the vet...

And they will tell you how to do ^^

* Good luck *
Reply:give them a bone and hard dog biscuits
Reply:There are a couple things. One is to brush them with a normal toothbrush. Another is using a specialized toothbrush. A third that%26#039;s more cost-efficeint than the special toothbrush and more conveinient than the normal one is buying them something to chew on that is made to clean their teeth.
Reply:The very first consideration is healthy food.Healthy, raw food will reduce, and even eliminate, the need to brush your dog%26#039;s teeth.

But many people do find that their dog%26#039;s teeth do need brushing regularly.

Step one is to select an appropriate pet toothbrush.The ideal dog toothbrush will have a long handle, an angled head to better fit the mouth and extra soft bristles. Another option is the finger toothbrush that fits over the tip of your finger.

Step two is to select an appropriate toothpaste.The best pet toothpastes contain enzymes that help control plaque.Rather than placing the paste on top of the brush try to place it between the bristles. This allows the paste to spend the most time next to the teeth.

Step three is to get the brush with paste into your dog%26#039;s mouth and all the teeth brushed.
Reply:Brush his teeth.

Feed him/her Dog Bone crackers - treats.

These are high in calcium and roughage that

scrub his teeth and gums as he chews them up.
Reply:I may not have a dog, but I know you can get special toothpaste from the pet store and give their teeth a brush with a normal toothbrush ( not your toothbrush ) . Or you ca get those minty dog sweets which is ment to clean. So many ways ! lol
Reply:They do have dog toothbrushes and toothpaste. Do not use people toothpaste! Your vet can also do annual cleaning.

Reduce or eliminate soft treats. Stick to dry food and crunchy treats.
Reply:Go to your vet, and ask him for doggie toothpaste (it comes in a ton of flavors, including liver, chicken, and bacon) and a doggie tooth brush (they have extra long handles and angled bristles). Follow your vets instructions as to how often you should brush, and buy bones or treats specifically desgined to clean their teeth. I think that there is also a new dog food that is suposed to keep their teeth clean.

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