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Why does people think Chihuahuas bark so much?+ Do people clean dog's teeth w. tooth brushes?

Tell me y do they bark. what kind of tooth brush+tooth paste, And y+ Where to get it@

Why does people think Chihuahuas bark so much?+ Do people clean dog%26#039;s teeth w. tooth brushes?
chihuahuas are small. they bark because they are insecure and easily frightened. small dogs are often more aggressive than large dogs for these same reasons.

i don%26#039;t brush my dog%26#039;s teeth; i don%26#039;t care how many vets tell me to do it; never done it; never will. my parents never did it; no one i know ever does it. i give my dog dental bones from time to time.
Reply:Cause ours does all the time.And no we don%26#039;t brust their teeth with tooth brushes.But you can go to pet smart and get their teeth brushed!
Reply:My personal opinion about why Chihuahuas bark so darn much or any very small dog is that they have a complex. I mean.. they are SO tiny and look up to any humans or large dogs and feel so small. But then again, thats my personal opinion. I dont know the technical reason.
Reply:I don%26#039;t brush my dog%26#039;s teeth personally, but I know people that do. You can get a toothbrush and toothpaste from Petco, I know they have some flavored toothpastes so dogs are a little more eager about it.
Reply:I hope English isn%26#039;t your first language, because you can%26#039;t speak it correctly. It should be %26quot;Why DO people......%26quot;

People think they bark a lot, because they do. Why do they? Can%26#039;t answer that. Because they are Chihuahuas, maybe?

Some people do brush dogs teeth. In order to have it done properly, the vet has to do it, and they are put to sleep to have it done. Dogs don%26#039;t like having their teeth brushed. Dry dog food helps, dental bones help, and pet stores sell toothbrushes and toothpaste, but I%26#039;ve never had any luck with them with my dogs.

One of my dogs has pearly white teeth, and one of them is at the vet right now getting hers cleaned. So it probably has something to do with their genes too, if their teeth need to be cleaned a lot.
Reply:I dont think so, mine is very quite only barks when he wants to get on the sofa and can%26#039;t help himself.

There is a special soft brush available for them its in Petco and comes with a special toothpaste to flavor them.
Reply:Not all chihuahuas bark a lot. It depends on the individual dog. My friends chihuahua ONLY barks if someone he doesn%26#039;t know comes in the house. And its only a few barks. And yes, you use a toothbrush to brush your dogs teeth, or you can get a finger brush, and you HAVE to use dog toothpaste. Human toothpaste is harmful to them. You can probably get it at your local pet store.

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