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Do i need to brush my dog's

if so, how do i do it and how often do i need to do it? do pet stores sell toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs? thanks!

Do i need to brush my dog%26#039;s

yes, you must brush your dogs teeth. pet stores sell toothpastes and toothbrushes made for dogs, but they aren%26#039;t like humans, dogs can consume the toothpastes, since they can%26#039;t spit it out. you should brush you dogs teeth, preferably once a week; if you don%26#039;t the food will accumulate onto his/her teeth and harden, making it much harder later on in the years, and possibly your dog%26#039;s teeth may begin to decay. the toothpastes come in different flavors, so your dog won%26#039;t mind the flavor, however it%26#039;s hard to actually stick a brush into his/her mouth. watch out for them teeth!
Reply:My vet recommends it. Daily if you can. But don%26#039;t bother with the toothpaste...that%26#039;s waste of money. Just get the brush that goes over your finger, and do it gently.
Reply:Gently,,but please, share the toothbrush,,,LOL
Reply:yes they do and if his breath smells unbearable then u should brush his teeth. It%26#039;s not gonna be an easy feat but u should be ok
Reply:After the dog is about a year old it%26#039;s good to start brushing his/her can get toothbrushes and meat flavored toothpaste at Petsmart or one of those pet superstores.
Reply:no they sell biscuts that will clean them and kill odors , just go to your local pet shop.
Reply:Yes to all your questions. I found the best tooth brush for them is one that slips over your finger. It is easier that way. You should do this once a day. Dogs and cats a like need to have good oral hygiene. A lot of other things can happen (like diseases) if you don%26#039;t take care of there teeth. My dogs love the beef flavored tooth paste. Oh, never use human toothpaste on them.
Reply:you could or you could get the dental bones. dogs do have to have dental care. if you take your dog to the vet. you will find that they do dental check-up during each visit there. they also have snack like foods that the dogs like that clean the tartar off of their teeth and freshens it%26#039;s breath. if your dog has really bad breath, you can find if you look hard enough double breath freshening.
Reply:Yes, you do need to brush your dogs teeth.Yes, they do sell toothpaste for dogs and you an get a brush that fits over the finger.

Dental health is very important for your pet. Bad teeth leads to other health problems, including heart problems. (from the bacteria)

Never use human tooth paste on a dog.
Reply:yes it is very important to keep up your pooches oral hygein just like you do your own!! bad oral care can cause alot of problems later on in life. i see it all the time!you can purchase toothpaste and a special toothbrush at any pet store or vet. put a little on your finger to get him used to the taste then gradually use you finger to work it on the teeth then graduate to the brush.this should be done 1-2xs a week.also rawhides and greenies are good for dental take to vet every couple years for cleaning or you risk health issues and losing their teeth
Reply:Get a good quality rope toy..( not the dollar store one, but the Hartz ones at your grocers are fine) .the ones that appear to be twisted string tied in a knot. Soak it in unsalted broth. Dry it in a very slow oven. she will try to chew all the falovor out of that, and it works as dental floss to keep her teeth clean, and her breath fresh.

If she grows tired, (couple of months)as the flavor is gone, just wash by hand, and re-soak.
Reply:It is best to brush every day... But if that is not feesible, buy dental bones and feed your dog only dry food. This will help keep their teeth plaque free.

Pet stores sell toothbrushes and toothpastes for dogs.
Reply:yeah i do it like once or twice a week! but i would do it more often if my doggi%26#039;s let me! lol but yea you can!
Reply:Yes, all pets stores sell toothpaste and toothbrushes, some carry the combo. Brushing a dogs teeth helps with bad breath and keeps his gums health. Very healthy for a dog but tedious. Dogs usually don%26#039;t like it and will move around alot making it hard to do. Some foods, doggy treats and chew toys do the job just as well.
Reply:Yes, dental health is as important for your dog as it is for you. However, be careful. Human toothpaste will cause upset stomachs and things. I usually use an old human toothbrush. Instead of toothpaste, I mix a little (very little) bit of baking soda with some water. Also, the vet can do yearly dentals to get some of the deeper cleaning...just like when you go to the dentist.
Reply:you should. i use to do that after my dog%26#039;s bath. i didn%26#039;t use anything special, just a tooth brush and toothpaste but, deffinetly don%26#039;t use your own toothpaste, buy a different one for the dog. if you don%26#039;t do that, get the bones that help the teeth.
Reply:Please brush your dog%26#039;s teeth...I have been a pet owner for many many years. The built up plaque causes problems to their blood stream and vets get really upset about this. Please have a professianal scaling of the teeth with the Vets office soon. Make sure that the dog always stays current with shots too! This will extend the life of your pet. Sometimes while walking and sniffing in the grass they can pick up a parasite and get really sick. Ice water in the summer is really great too!!!!

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