Monday, April 20, 2009

Puppy teeth and size of dog?

I have two dogs, one is about 10 months (Charlie)had I saved a few of his puppy teeth while he was teething. We just got another puppy (Lilly), who still has her puppy teeth she is about 3 months. I was comparing Lilly’s teeth to Charlie’s old teeth and I noticed her teeth were smaller then his. Dose this mean she will be smaller then him once she is full grown. They are both Mutts, so we have no projected size to assume. Is there a correlation between puppy teeth and the size of the dog? Just wondering! Thanks

Puppy teeth and size of dog?
not necessarily, but it%26#039;s a good indication. i%26#039;ve always found the size of the paws to be a better source for me to tell how big a dog will get.

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