Monday, April 20, 2009

How do I brush my dog's teeth?

I know that I have to use a specific brush %26amp; toothpaste but I never have brushed her teeth before b/c I just found out how much damage it can prevent. So I am wanting to start ASAP.

How do I brush my dog%26#039;s teeth?
Buy yourself a soft, child%26#039;s toothbrush and dog toothpaste (mine prefer the mint). A dog%26#039;s not going to like having their teeth brushed at first, you just need to persist and be very gentle. Start by brushing just the front teeth until they get a bit used to it. Have the dog lying on his side and gently brush the teeth. As they get more used to it, brush the back teeth as well.
Reply:Go to your local pet store and they will guide you to the right stuff!
Reply:Get a regular tooth brush If u don%26#039;t have dog toothpaste theen don%26#039;t use any toothpaste. He may not like it @ first but he will love it after a few times
Reply:me and my dog had a yellow lab named buster and he had really bad breath! no offense to my dog! but we just used a toothbrush. but never use toothpaste on it, it can make your dog sick!

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